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How to Make Money Selling Autographs to Todd Mueller

"People buy autographs for a variety of reasons. Some simply enjoy the thrill of owning something once signed by a celebrity or public figure they admire. Others are eager for the social status that comes with displaying an autograph. There are also collectors who purchase autographs for the investment aspect, hoping the signature will eventually climb in value. Regardless of the reason for purchase, there is money to be made in selling autographs. There are risks involved as well, as with most businesses and investments. Safeguarding as many of those potential pitfalls as possible will help ensure you turn a profit." Michelle Barry (

Todd Mueller Autographs has been buying and selling autographs since 1978. For the past 15 years Todd Mueller Autographs has operated a weekly online auction, selling thousands of autographs monthly. Todd Mueller Autographs pays more than anyone else for your autographed material. Sell your autographs to Todd Mueller!

Contact Todd Mueller Autographs at 719-494-1990 for a free appraisal.

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